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'Behind The Art'

An iceberg can serve as a useful metaphor to understand the unconscious mind, because much like the mind only a small percentage is visible above the surface. The conscious mind is what we notice floating above the surface while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface.

  • Conscious Level: this is the part of the mind that holds what you're aware of. You can verablize about your conscious experience and you can think about it in a logical fashion.

  • Preconscious Level: this is ordinary memory. So although things stored here aren't in the conscious, they can be readily brought into conscious.

  • Unconscious Level: believed that this part of the mind is not directly accessible to awareness. It acts as a dump box for urges, feelings and ideas that are tied to anxiety, conflict and pain. These feelings and thoughts have not disappeared, they are there exerting influence on our actions and our conscious awareness. This is where most of the work of the Ego take place.

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